Financial Advisory

Valuable insights you can trust.

We assist private business owners in making difficult hard to reverse decisions.  We also collaborate with many accounting, tax advisory, law and wealth management firms who recognize us as a trusted valuation resource.  Our aim is to provide decision-makers with clear, concise and actionable advice.  If you require assistance in any of the following areas we are here to help:

  • Planning and executing the purchase and sale of a business
  • Securing acquisition and/or growth financing
  • Drafting buy-out provisions in ownership agreements
  • Negotiating a partnership buy-in or buy-out transaction
  • Planning and executing corporate reorganizations
  • Evaluating your firm’s performance against the industry
  • Stress testing succession planning strategies and scenarios
  • Performing a reasonable compensation analysis
  • Establishing life insurance requirements

We are always interested in establishing collaborative working relationships with new advisors.  If you have a particular valuation issue that you would like to discuss with us please send us a note.